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I.M Packaging is leading the way in the packaging industry in many ways and with thousands of products. We supply Canada and the U.S. with glass, metal and plastic bottles, cans, jars and closures for all applications.

Our customers are from all spectrums of industry including, but not limiting to, pharmaceuticals, nutraceuticals, chemical manufacturing, food & beverage, detergent & soap manufacturing, essential oils and many more...

In August of 2013, our acquisition of Home Canning Packaging and Supplies Co. placed us ahead of the competition by providing small companies the flexibility to purchase smaller quantities with out paying that extra premium. Today, those clients take advantage of great service and pricing that only large volume buyers usually receive.

For customers with special needs such as bottle design and custom closures, whom really want to take that extra step in branding their products and set apart from the competition, we can help you with your projects from design to production, printing and logistics.

Our biggest assets are fast service, premium quality products, innovation for your future and most of all your trust and loyalty.

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